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Kemmerer Outlines Plans to Improve City

At a recent leadership summit, the Kemmerer City Council created a list of the top 10 things they want to improve for the city. They will currently focus on the top three.

Brian Muir, City Administrator in Kemmerer, told SVI Radio that, “First, we want to do everything we can to keep our coal mine operating and profitable. Also, we care to keep the power plant open, that’s important to us right now.”

Muir said he attends the Rocky Mountain Power Integrated Resource Plan meetings and attending those and asking the right questions helps with maintaining the success of their coal mine and power plant.

The city is also looking for a long-term solution to maintain the roads since the 6 penny tax did not pass last year, Muir said.

“We have a prioritized plan to use our limited resources to dress our roads,” Muir said. “We’re also working with the state legislators to help come up with ways to maintain the roads.”

Muir said their third priority is to increase and maintain the tourism in the downtown triangle.

You can hear the full conversation with Brian Muir regarding these three points of focus at

In addition, The South Lincoln County Economic Development Corporation and the Uinta County Economic Development Commission recently had Thomas P. Miller and Associates conduct an economic development study.  Brian Points of Thomas Miller and Associates will be presenting the study results to the public on Monday, April 29th at 2:30pm at the Diamondville Town Hall.  Muir invites all to attend the presentation, stating that this “is a great opportunity for businesses, government leaders, non-profits, and South Lincoln County residents to understand our economic opportunities and strategies.”