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KICK IT OR KEEP IT: “Boom” by X-Ambassadors

Kick It or Keep It returns to Swift 98 and The Wave.  It’s your chance to decide what songs do and do no play on your local radio station.

Typically Kick It or Keep It takes place on Monday, but because of the Memorial Day Holiday there will not be a morning show Monday, so Kick It or Keep It happens a few days early.

This potential song is new from X Ambassadors and is one of the hottest new songs in America.

But is it hot enough?  You tell us!

If you like the song, vote to Keep It.  If you don’t, vote to Kick It.  Swift listeners can vote by texting 307-203-4637.   Wave listeners can vote by texting 208-254-0059.

If the song is kept, it will debut next week as part of a New Music Tuesday on both stations.