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KICK IT OR KEEP IT: “Minimum Wage” by Blake Shelton

Kick It or Keep It returns to The Spur this week with a new song from Blake Shelton.

The name of the song is purely coincidental with current political debates. “Minimum Wage” has nothing to do with your take-home pay.

On his social media pages, Shelton described his new hit single by saying “It’s a classic-country love song that says you don’t need a lot of money or possessions to have love. I wanted to record it the minute I heard it and it’s catchy as all get-out too!”

If the song is voted to be kept it will be added to The Spur’s playlist tomorrow.

If you like the song vote to Keep It. If you don’t like the song vote to Kick It. Vote by texting 307-203-4637. Voting ends at noon on Monday, January 18.