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KRSV lights replaced on AM tower

Every 18-24 months, the lights go out.  The tower lights, that is.

You may have noticed the bright flashing lights on the top of the nearly 200 foot AM radio tower west of Afton were not flashing recently.  Heath “Tower Monkey” Jensen strapped on his harness Saturday, November 18, to replace the bulbs.

Below are images and videos of Jensen climbing the tower.

The lights are checked each night and morning to make sure they are working properly.  In the case they are not, KRSV is legally required to inform the Federal Aviation Administration.

Taking a breather on the way up.
Heath Jensen climbing the KRSV AM radio tower November 18, 2017.
Up at the top!
Looking down from the top of the tower nearly 200 feet above the ground. Photo Credit: Heath Jensen
Size of the light bulbs at the top of the tower. Two bulbs are used, one facing up and one facing down.

Video of Heath Jensen climbing the tower.

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