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Lawsuit against Town of Thayne dismissed

By Sarah Hale

Star Valley Independent

Tuesday, Nov. 13 the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming dismissed with prejudice the suit filed by Rusty and Marc Andrus, and Rustlers, LLC against the Town of Thayne, Thayne Mayor and Thayne Town Council.

According to court documents associated with the suit dismissal, all claims against the defendants have been dropped. Each party bears the responsibility for their own attorney’s fees and court costs in the case.

“We are extremely pleased with the dismissal and are very relieved that this is finally over,” said Thayne Mayor Deland Lainhart. “It has been dismissed with prejudice which means that it can’t be refiled in any way shape or form.”

According to Mayor Lainhart, the Town of Thayne, members of its town council nor any other party in the case paid any settlement monies to resolve the matter.

“It’s over and we are happy to have it wrapped up,” said Lainhart said.

See the Nov. 21 edition of the Star Valley Independent for additional coverage of the Court’s ruling.

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  1. Unfortunately were not contacted by SVI News prior to this release. We wish to clarify that the Court dismissed the case at our request, there was no ruling by the court. We remain steadfast in our claims of disparate treatment by the town as outlined in the original filing, but the substantial legal costs to date and the projected costs to proceed to court were to great for us to bear without jeopardizing our financial future, not to mention the ongoing mental and emotional costs to us.

    We want to thank those that supported Rustlers and us personally. Rustlers was not only a business investment but an investment of the heart for both of us. We look forward to moving on and starting a new phase of our lives together.

    Rusty and Marc Andrus

  2. Rustlers was great and you guys did a great job. Super bummed it isn’t there anymore, as are a lot of people. Stay positive and crush the next gig…again! Cheers!

  3. You guys did a great job and Rustlers was a fun place to eat, drink, and chill. Super bummed still that it is gone but good luck in the next adventure.

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