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layne Parmenter

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Layne Parmenter worked in education for 38 years as a teacher, volleyball coach, elementary principal, and retired in 2020. He un-retired to write news stories and do volleyball play-by-play commentary for SVI Media part-time. 


When he is not chasing a story for SVI, you can likely find him guiding a whitewater trip on the Main Salmon in Idaho, the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, or hiking a slot canyon somewhere in the Southwest. 


Parmenter is married to Andra, who works as Executive Assistant to the CEO at Star Valley Health. He is immensely proud of both of his daughters, Vanessa and Chelsea––both are teachers. Vanessa lives in Gilbert, AZ and is currently raising the cutest granddaughter in the world. Chelsea is teaching in Jackson for Teton School District as a special education teacher.


Parmenter said, “I’ve always been fascinated with media––every aspect of it. It’s fun to me, and I really enjoy working with the fine folks at SVI. They’re an exceptionally talented, dedicated bunch of professionals.”