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Lincoln County Library System Book Review: “Logged in and Stressed Out”

By Michelle Carollo,
Library Assistant,
Lincoln County Library

Stress, anxiety, and depression are all words that we hear, and so many of us feel, on a daily basis. With so much going on in the world around us, it is no wonder! During this digital age that we live in, we are constantly logged into our phones and computers. Whether we are trying to stay connected with friends and family, working from home, taking classes, or just scrolling through our social media sites, it is hard to stay away from social platforms.

Author and licensed psychologist, Paula Durlofsky, PhD, explains how social media can affect our mental health. She shares stories from her therapy sessions of the different attachment styles and how they alter our daily lives. Many of the stories that she includes are common problems that we can relate to.

Durlofsky teaches us how we can use social media in a healthy way. She offers many recommendations and strategies to balance our virtual life with real life. She explains how it is possible to improve your mental health while still being connected with the internet community.

What I found interesting about this book is that whether it is social media or just your daily lives that are causing stress, there are so many tips and recommendations that can help you improve your mental health. It makes you think about your life and how you can become less stressed and be a better you! “Logged in and Stressed Out” by Paula Durlofsky is available through the Lincoln County Library System.