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Lincoln County results from the 2022 General Election

In the race for Wyoming’s lone representative in the U.S. House, Harriet Hageman was a runaway winner as she carried the elections with over 81-percent of the vote in Lincoln County as the Republican nominee. Democratic nominee, Lynnette Greybull picked up just over 13-percent of the vote with Libertarian Richard Brubaker and Conservative party rep, Marissa Joy Selvig both garnering less than three-percent of the total. 

Governor Mark Gordon easily earned re-election with nearly 81-percent of the vote in Lincoln County as the incumbent Republican. This will be his second term. Democratic nominee Theresa A. Livingston received just over nine-percent of the vote with Libertarian Jared J. Baldes finishing with a little more than three-percent. A significant number of write-in votes with more than 6.5-percent received but not enough to challenge Gordon. 

Running unopposed out of the Republican Party, Chuck Gray will be the new Secretary of State while Kristi Racines will also take the position as State Auditor. Curt Meier was also unopposed in the office of State Treasurer. 

In the run for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Republican Megan Degenfelder handily took the race with more than 85-percent of the vote while Sergio A. Maldonado Sr. collected just over 13-percent as the Democratic candidate. 

In the race for Wyoming House District #18, Scott Heiner (R) defeated Dennis B. Laughlin (L) with nearly 87-percent of the vote. 

After one term away, Kent Connelly (R) has been reelected to the Lincoln County Commission, a position he held for 18 years previously. Joining him will be newcomer Teri Bowers (R).

In other Lincoln County positions, Dain Schwab (R) was unopposed as the County Coroner, Spencer Allred (R) was unopposed for County Attorney and Shane Johnson (R) was unopposed for County Sheriff. Other positions running unopposed included April Brunski (R) for County Clerk, Jerry L. Greenfield for County Treasurer and Debbie Larson for County Assessor. Kenneth D. Roberts (R) was also unopposed for Clerk of District Court. 

Positions were open on the Lincoln County School District No. 2 Board of Trustees. Connie Day took just more than 45-percent of the vote in the At-Large position. Shay Scaffide had the second-highest total with 23-percent. 

In Area #2, Lynn Call narrowly defeated Brenda Robinson with 56-percent of the vote. In Area #5, David Jenkins was running unopposed. 

In Star Valley, several mayoral contests took place as well. In Alpine there will be a change as incumbent W. Kennis Lutz was defeated by Eric Green. Green finished with 230 votes to Lutz’ 162. In the Town of Star Valley Ranch, incumbent Kathleen Buyers narrowly held on to the position of Mayor with 404 votes compared to Dan Baillie’s 387. 

A total of 7,626 votes were cast in Lincoln County.

The results of the election are considered unofficial until they are examined and certified by the State Canvassing Board. 


U.S. Representative

Harriet Hageman (6,118) / Lynnette Greybull (998)


Mark Gordon (6,021) / Theresa A. Livingston (699)

Secretary of State

Chuck Gray (6,399)

State Auditor

Kristi Racines (6,552)

State Treasurer 

Curt Meier (6,575)

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Megan Degenfelder (6,211) / Sergio A. Maldonado Sr. (964)

State Rep. HD #18

Scott Heiner (1,405) / Dennis B. Laughlin (208)

State Rep. HD #20

Albert Sommers (139) / Write-In (86)

State Rep. HD #21

Lane Allred (3,066)

State Rep. HD #22

Andrew Byron (1,362) / Bob Strobel (743)

County Commissioner

Kent Connelly (5,041) / Teri Bowers (5,039)

County Coroner 

Dain Schwab (6,644)

County Attorney

Spencer Allred (6,502)

County Sheriff 

Shane Johnson (6,633)

County Clerk

April Brunski (6,789)

County Treasurer 

Jerry L. Greenfield (6,583)

County Assessor 

Debbie Larson (6,684)

Clerk of District Court

Kenneth D. Roberts (6,704)

LCSD #2 Trustee At-Large (1 selected)

Connie Day (2,163) / Shay Scaffide (1,114) / Kristina Ashment (756) / Rhonda Erickson (691)

LCSD #2 Trustee Area #2 (1 selected)

Lynn Call (2,674) / Brenda Robinson (2,042)

LCSD #2 Trustee Area #5

David Jenkins (4,609)

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