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Lincoln County School District No. 2 gearing up for new school year

Students of Lincoln County District No. 2 enjoyed their final weekend as they prepared for the beginning of the new school year.

Superintendent for LSCD2, Matt Erickson, says he is very excited to get things going.

“There’s a buzz in the air,” Erickson said.

He says they are expecting 2,950 students and have 225 teachers. There is also about 225 support staff to go along with them. He also says the number of students is growing.

“We’re seeing a gradual increase,” Erickson said. “Especially in the south end of Star Valley or the upper valley if you will.”

He mentioned specifically families looking to move to the area even when they do not have a home built. They will sometimes live with someone while building a new house.

“It’s exciting times,” Erickson said. “Families have that opportunity to live here and take advantage of the great, crisp clean air.”

He says this could be the first year ever that the LCSD2 will have over 3,000 students enrolled.

Erickson also says the number one goal for the district this year is to build relationships. The next most important thing is to make sure the staff is working in a collaborative culture.

“The research is conclusive,” Erickson said. “When it comes to high student achievement that it takes two major things and that is teacher expertise as well as high expectations by our staff and students.”

LCSD2 consistently tests in the top five in Wyoming of every subject. He says one reason for that is they set out to hire the very best and the people of the area help in that success.

“We take that process very seriously,” Erickson said about hiring. “We’re blessed to have great families. With great families, high expectations, and master educators then the pieces of the puzzle seem to come together.”

He mentions the district received it’s Wy-TOPP results, which is a state assessment, and in all grade levels in all subject areas tested, LCSD2 outperformed the state of Wyoming.

Erickson also says people will need to remember paving is starting on Highway 238 and that will affect five bus routes. Students and teachers could be up to twenty minutes late because of this. So faculty and parents will have to exercise some patience to start out the school year.