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Mountain Climbing Tips for Beginners

Mountain Climbing Tips for Beginners

When you’re thinking about scaling a mountain for the first time, it’s important to make sure you’re mentally ready for the challenge. Braving the new heights of a mountain doesn’t just require you to pack a backpack and grab your equipment—you must have the bravery not to back down in the face of adversity and danger. Before you start planning your adventure, prepare yourself with these mountain climbing tips for beginners and create a checklist that will brace you for the journey ahead.

Make Sure You’re Physically Fit for the Trek

Climbing a mountain requires great physical strength, endurance, and quick reflexes. If you intend on conquering a mountain, you need to make sure you’re in perfect form before you leave. Dedicate time each day to a workout routine suitable for a mountain climber; practice upper body strength workouts and train your legs to handle steep inclines and declines.

Don’t Underestimate the Forces of Nature

No matter what season you’re climbing a mountain, there are always weather or terrain-related risks that can pop up along the journey. Learn about the common risks mountain climbers face before you leave, especially the dangers of high altitude and weather. Research the details of the specific mountain you’re climbing and look for any common issues that other climbers had along the trail.

Weather can be unpredictable along the mountainside—look at the weather forecast before you leave but trust your instincts along the climb as well. If it looks bad, take a break, turn around, or get to low ground as soon as you can.

Bring Hearty, Healthy Snacks

You should expect to take plenty of breaks along the ascent to the top of the mountain; whenever you take a break, you’ll need a snack to recharge your energy before moving on. Pack your backpack with energizing snacks, like granola or nutrition bars. You’ll need lots of water as you scale the mountain—it’s better to bring too much water than too little.

However, with snacks comes garbage, and with garbage comes litter. One of the most harmful, yet ignored mountain climbing tips for beginners is to carry your garbage along with you. Litter endangers the wildlife and the environment. It’s your responsibility to leave the trail as untouched by man as possible.