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Mountain West locks in additional bowl tie-ins

Photo: Brian-Losness-USA-TODAY-Sports

By Dahl Erickson, SVI Media

A year ago the Wyoming Cowboys sat at home with no bowl invitation despite being (6-6) and bowl eligible for the third straight season. They were one of a handful of Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams to hit that mark but not have a place to play in the post-season.

On Wednesday, July 25, MWC Commissioner Craig Thomas announced that the league had secured a bowl tie-in with the newly formed Los Angeles Bowl which will be played at either the new home of the Chargers or the Rams. This bowl will help replace the loss of the Las Vegas Bowl which has now opted toward different league relationships.

In addition to the Los Angeles Bowl, the MWC has also received assurances that they will be preferred by one of the 14 ESPN-owned bowl games. Most likely in the Dallas area according to Thompson.

Thompson also stated that other negotiations are in the works to have as many as nine bowl games with interest in MWC teams.

Which should be music to the ears of bowl-less programs such as the Cowboys were last season.