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No charges will be filed in Riverton shooting death

RIVERTON (WNE) — No charges will be filed in the November homicide that resulted in the death of Lisa Pitt, 39, of Riverton, Fremont County Attorney Patrick LeBrun said Friday.

Pitt died of a “single perforating gunshot wound” to the trunk, according to the Fremont County Coroner’s Office.

The incident was reported at about 8:20 p.m. Nov. 23 near Tundra Drive in Riverton.

“This was an accidental shooting,” LeBrun wrote in a Friday statement, noting that Pitt’s husband was involved.

“The Riverton Police Department investigation determined that Mr. Pitt was in the act of carrying his Glock .9mm pistol to his bedroom to place it inside a small pistol gun safe next to the couple’s bed. As Mr. Pitt walked past the couple’s walk-in closet, the inside of which was blocked from view owing to clothing hanging from the top of the door, Mrs. Pitt jumped out of the closet in a playful effort to scare her husband. Startled, Mr. Pitt shot and killed her.”

The pair’s teenage son was home and had confirmed that “nothing was out of the ordinary” before his father began yelling for help when the incident occurred, LeBrun added.

LeBrun said “there may be some theory” under which Mr. Pitt could be prosecuted, but “there is no sense to it under these specific facts. This was a devastating accident – and to prosecute such an event would add nothing to the life sentence of regret already present.”