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Riding Dirty: Best Trails for Mudding in America

Riding Dirty: Best Trails for Mudding in America

A scopious road trip throughout the States is an appropriate rejoinder to cabin fever. As snow dissipates and more earth uncovers, enthusiastic off-roaders are ready to jolt to their favorite challenging trails. Once you’ve souped up your ride to withstand adverse mudding conditions, you’re ready to hit the road. When planning your excursion, consider visiting some of the best trails for mudding in America along your trip.


Superlift ORV – This privately owned off-road park is perfect for families and mudding adventurists alike. Though not as expansive as some of the other trails on this list, the Superlift ORV is abundant in cabins, RV and camping areas, and crawling courses. There are tons of activities to do at this destination, which makes it an ideal choice for off-roading enthusiasts looking to stick around a while.


The Golden State has epic backroads and winding trails strung about. Check out some of our favorite California mudding trails.

Rubicon Trail – Even experienced mudders are likely to get challenged by the Rubicon Trail. Considered one of the most difficult off-road courses in North America, the Rubicon is in part of El Dorado County, California. From late July through early August, the trail is closed to the public for officially sponsored Jeep Jamboree celebrations.

Johnson Valley – This highly renowned trail can be found in the Southern half of California. This course hosts the iconic “King of the Hammers” off-road competition, which brings many mudding enthusiasts to the destination.

Mojave National Preserve – With the Kelso Depot serving as a bustling visitor center, the Mojave National Preserve dons the title of the third-largest national park in America. Covering 16 million acres, there’s more than enough terrain to keep you and your vehicle busy.


Ouray – Situated within the San Juan National Forest, Ouray harbors several Alpine-themed hotels and conventional bed and breakfasts, making for a comfortable trip. Ouray is noted as one of the most scenic trails by mudding aficionados.


St. Joe State Park – This established park is favored for its sand flats, hills, and 2,000 acres for mudding vehicle use. You’ll also find stunning lakes and swim spots, hiking and bicycling trails, and picnic sites, in case you’d like some time away from the entertaining terrain.

Between tracking through the best trails for mudding in America, don’t forget to clean up your ride. You shouldn’t overlook these reasons you should clean your Jeep after mudding, as a dirty undercarriage could lead to severe car damage. With proper planning and vehicle maintenance, you can have the road trip of a lifetime and ensure your car lasts throughout.