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Segment of SVI’s Star Valley @ Green River football broadcast goes viral. And it has nothing to do with the game.

The Star Valley Braves defeated the Green River Wolves 21-0 in a windy, hard fought and important conference game Friday night, October 20.

Thousands of people have been talking about what happened in Green River, but the majority of the conversation has nothing to do with the actual game.

Following the conclusion of the game, Green River players asked Star Valley players to kneel with them to pray for two of their injured teammates.

Ted Dawson, one of the parents of a Star Valley Player, posted a screen shot of the SVI broadcast onto his Facebook page with an explanation of what was happening.  As of Thursday morning, October 26, the post had been shared nearly 1,000 times.


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  1. Thank you Green River for that invitation. Congrats to both teams, coaches & staff, for the courage to do the proper thing –disregarding the crazy political correctness, prevalent in society today–(plus threats of firings and suspensions) & praying earnestly for those injured players! Wonderful story & lesson for all.

  2. The NFL could take a lesson from these High School young men. These boys have Risen above and beyond and by “Taking a Knee” to the level and true meaning of togetherness of care and concern.
    So very proud of them!

  3. NFL wake up, grow up, mature yourselves up and try to be Good Examples to our Youth and not continue to make fool’s of yourselves and clowns to a lot of others! Try to get the movie, BRIAN’S SONG,with James Caan,Billy Dee Williams and members of the Chicago Bears! It deals with Gale Sayers, Brian Piccolo and the Chicago Bears football organization! Try it! I promise you will lie it!

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