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Senior high tech comes to Kemmerer

Helping senior citizens navigate technology is helpful for both sides.

High school students in Kemmerer will be helping interested Lincoln County residents with free one-on-one mobile technology tutoring sessions.

The tutoring will cover cell phones and other mobile devices and is a partnership effort between the Kemmerer High School, the Kemmerer Senior Center and AARP Wyoming.

The tutoring will take place on Friday, October 11 from 1-3 p.m. at the Kemmerer Senior Center.

“The training is free and there is no requirement to be an AARP member in order to take part in the event,” said Tom Lacock, communications and state advocacy AARP Wyoming. “A free lunch, courtesy of AARP Wyoming will be available.”

According to AARP Wyoming, at each Senior High Tech event, a group of students from the local high school provides one-on-one tutoring sessions to those age 50 and over in the community.

“During past Senior High Tech events, high school students have helped citizens with questions such as finding old emails, sending photos to loved ones, or adding apps to the phone,” said Lacock. “These are typically easy answers to offer and senior center does have WIFi, allowing for work online.”

According to Lacock, AARP Wyoming supports the events as they “help address issues with social isolation, both in-person at Senior High Tech events, as well as by helping those age 50 and over to better engage online.”

“According to studies, social isolation has the same health impacts as smoking 15 cigarettes per day,” Lacock said.

AARP Wyoming has been sponsoring Senior High Tech events for two years. Senior centers, or service organizations interested in holding a Senior High Tech in your community can contact Tanya Johnson at:

Following the technology tutoring on October 11 will be a presentation by Wyoming Relay at the Kemmerer Senior Center.

The Wyoming Relay/Deaf Services Program “provides numerous services to individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or speech impaired, and to individuals, businesses, or agencies that work with or assist these individuals.”

Wyoming Relay staff will be on-site to offer various forms of assistance for those who struggle with hearing loss.