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Snake River Bridge on WYO 22 now restricting loads

Snake River Bridge WYO 22 (Photo provided by Wyoming Department of Transportation)

The following is a news release from the Wyoming Department of Transportation

After a recent safety inspection of the Snake River Bridge on WYO 22 near the intersection of WYO 390, WYDOT began restricting heavier loads from crossing the structure.  However, WYDOT is working quickly to address the economic and transportation needs of local businesses that need to take heavier machinery and loads across the bridge.

The Wyoming Transportation Commission recently dedicated funds to let a contract for repairs to the Snake River Bridge.  With the improvements, the bridge will be able to accommodate normal operations until its replacement in 2023.  The contract work will likely take a few months and work will hopefully conclude this fall.

With the current restrictions, WYDOT is working with local businesses and drivers to accommodate one trip, one time, high-priority or urgent overweight loads.  WYDOT takes each request and evaluates all possible options and alternatives for that load and will approve crossings on a case-by-case basis. These exceptions are not intended to be for daily or weekly crossings.   Requests could take up to a week to approve.  Those looking to make a request can contact Darin Kaufman at 307-352-3034.

WYDOT would like to remind drivers to slow down in winter conditions, and obey all roadside signs and closures.  For more information on highway load restrictions, visit: