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Snow & Wind Totals from Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning Storm

Recent snowfall totals across western Wyoming were underwhelming from the recent storm, but it was a different story for the wind.

The National Weather Service originally predicted 3-4 inches of snowfall in Star Valley Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  However, less than half an inch fell in most valley communities.

There was some accumulation in the higher elevations.  Around Lincoln County, Spring Creek Divide reported 6 inches.  4 inches fell on Commissary Ridge with 3 inches on Blind Bull Summit.

Lincoln County reported the strongest wind gust in the state, however, with hurricane force winds on Mt. Coffin.  At 2:45 AM Wednesday a wind gust of 120 MPH.   Mt. Coffin is located in the Greys River Range just north of Wyoming Peak, east of Flat Creek.  It’s summit is at 11,230 feet above sea level.