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Star Valley and Lincoln County welcome 2019 with coldest morning in two years

The following weather report is from expert Jack Hales. To follow Jack and his weather blog for the region please click here. (Photo provided by

“Temperatures plummeted on New Years Eve across the mountain country.  In Star Valley the coldest officially observed was at the Double L Ranch along the Salt River northwest of Etna with a frigid -27F.  Close behind was the -26F at the Afton Airport.  Following is a map of some of the observed minimums across Star Valley and surrounding areas.

Of note is that wind chills were as low as -30F at the Alpine airport due to down canyon winds of up to 20 mph even though the actual temperature was no lower than -13.”

Some of the notable minimums around the region were:

-39F    Daniel
-38F    West Yellowstone  airport
-35F    Bondurant
-31F    Moose
-30F   Boulder
-28F  Kemmerer
-27F  Cokeville



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