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Star Valley Arts Council creates new youth music program Three Rivers Youth Chorus

The Star Valley Arts Council is creating a new youth music program called Three Rivers Youth Chorus which is meant to give any child an opportunity to better their vocal talents.

One of the directors of the council, Janet Erickson, says she has noticed several children in the community who wish to be more involved in music, particularly singing. This is really why the arts council created the program.

“They just had more desire and more ability than the school could accommodate,” said Erickson about the kids. “So we decided that we would start this community youth chorus. We are going to open it up for every child who qualifies for certain music qualifications.”

Erickson says there is no limit to how many students can participate in the choir. Auditions will be held September 11 and 12 and parents/children will be given a rubric to show what will be required in terms of knowledge and musicianship.

For those who do not qualify, but are still interested in learning more about music, the council will place them in a preparatory choir.

Erickson says they will give solo opportunities to students. Also those who know how to play instruments will also have the chance to display their skills.

“Just offer additional opportunities for kids who have the ability and desire to expand their experiences and they’re exposure to quality,” Erickson said.

She says the students will learn many genres. They will have vocal instruction as a group and will have the opportunity to perform in front of each other. She says this will give the students an opportunity to learn from one another.

“I’m really excited about that aspect of it,” Erickson said.

She said anyone who has more questions is welcome to contact her or go to the Star Valley Council’s website.