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Star Valley Health details Covid-19 vaccine rollout

The following is a news release from Star Valley Health

Over the past year, the world has dealt with a healthcare crisis like none we have seen in the recent past. Many individuals have not dealt with anything like this within their lifetime. Our lives have been turned upside down as we have all had to learn to deal with a “new normal”. With the current release of two COVID19 vaccines and four more being poised for emergency use authorization, hope is on the horizon. In order to win this war against our nemesis, we shall remain diligent in our battle against COVID-19.

Star Valley Health understands that COVID-19 is not the only health concern in the valley. Many of you have been asking us, when is it “safe” to come to the doctor? We are telling you that today it is SAFE.
We encourage you to contact your providers and schedule an appointment to review some of the health concerns that have been put on hold during the pandemic. Let us safely care for you and your family during this time. Star Valley Health is here for you now more than ever. We are focused on one thing: the health and care of our community.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Star Valley Health has treated well over 775 patients with COVID-19. None of our staff, visitors or patients have gotten COVID-19 from visiting our facility. This means ZERO transmission rate, which is a step ahead of other hospital systems nationwide and is attributable to the amazing care and precautions we are taking to keep our beloved community safe. We have implemented heightened precautions throughout the hospital and clinics to help create a safe environment for everyone. During these uncertain times we all have too much to stress about, let us take the stress out of your healthcare needs.

Below are the steps we have taken at SVH to keep you safe:

All patients, visitors and staff are put through a screening process before entering any of our facilities.

We have a separate care location for patients who are positive or suspected of having COVID-19.

Patients coming in for specific procedures, such as a surgical procedure, are tested for COVID-19 prior to their scheduled date.

All patients who are admitted to the inpatient floor are tested for COVID-19 to make sure they are placed in the appropriate location.

We have a Universal masking policy within all of our facilities.

We have updated our visitor policy to limit the number of visitors within our facility to reduce possible transmission of COVID19 to our staff, patients and other visitors.

We have amplified infection prevention policies which includes frequently wiping down high touch areas.

Implementation of telehealth visits for our high-risk patients and those that do not need an onsite consultation.

Make sure to do your part after you leave our offices. Please follow current CDC guidelines including: frequent hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing a mask while in public. These interventions help keep you, your family, and our community safe.

At SVH, the health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff is our top priority. We are here for each other.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our current policies, feel free to reach out to our Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Katheryne Mattoon: 307-885-5833.