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Strategies for Motivating Yourself To Work Out

Strategies for Motivating Yourself To Work Out

Working out is challenging, and finding the motivation to get started and commit to a routine can be the most difficult part of all. It doesn’t help that COVID-19 has us all restricted to our homes, as home workouts are rife with distractions and temptations to abandon exercise for something more enjoyable. To help get over this hurdle, try out these strategies for motivating yourself to work out.

Make It Fun

A common issue for folks trying to get into exercise is that they simply don’t enjoy it. They don’t like their routine and will often end up abandoning it for more enjoyable activities. So, the first solution is to make your workout more enjoyable so that exercise is something you can look forward to. Enjoying your workout will also make the time fly by and prevent distraction.

Change Your Diet

Adopting a healthier diet has psychological benefits in addition to physical ones. Much like how exercising will give you the desire to eat healthier and avoid junk food, the opposite is also true. By eating healthier, your mood will improve and you’ll feel much more energized and motivated to work out. Your mood can be a powerful motivator—as well as your biggest obstacle.

Friendly Competition

Working out with a friend is common advice, but not realistic with the quarantine. Luckily, it’s easy to communicate with people in this digital age, and in lieu of working out with someone, you could compete with a friend. While you both work out separately in your own homes, you can compare results to see who’s making the most progress. This kind of competition is not only one of the best strategies for motivating yourself to work out, but it also holds you accountable for completing your workout because if you slack off, your friend will know.

A Mental Break

Much like how mood affects your motivation, so does your frame of mind. Taking the time to work out is a great way to take a little break from the stress and responsibilities of your daily life. Even a thirty-minute workout could become a welcome reprieve that allows you to stretch and mentally reset yourself to tackle the rest of your day.