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Sublette County Search and Rescue Mission Suspended

The official Search and Rescue mission has been suspended in the search for Aubree Corona, who was been missing since Saturday.
This morning, search and rescue operations on the Sublette County and Fremont County side of Union Pass have been suspended for missing Aubree Corona after the search yielded no leads. Search operations began Monday for Miss Corona who has been missing since Saturday afternoon when she didn’t arrive back to camp with friends as planned.
During the search operations, Tip Top Search and Rescue members as well as the contract helicopter were deployed to the Union Pass area in an extensive search for Miss Corona. Fremont County Search and Rescue deployed a similar response on their side of the pass in a coordinated search effort. An extensive grid search of the entire area between Green River Lakes and Dubois Wyoming were conducted over the last two days. As of Tuesday evening, the search of the entire area resulted in no signs of Miss Corona or the vehicle she was reported to be in.
The last reported contact from Miss Corona was mid-afternoon on Saturday where she made contact with her friends via text message. She reportedly informed them that she was lost on the wrong side of Union Pass and received directions from a logger in the area. Sublette County Sheriffs Office was able to contact the logger and confirm his contact with Miss Corona. Miss Corona stated in her text that she was getting fuel and food and headed back to Sublette County. During the course of the last few days we received numerous tips from citizens who had seen her driving the vehicle on Saturday in the Union pass area. However, these sightings were early afternoon on Saturday and before her last text message to her friend’s at camp.
We have received an overwhelming response of volunteers willing to come help search. These offers are very appreciated. However, we encourage people not to self-deploy in these situations as they can interfere with the detailed grid search and can result in secondary searches for those who aren’t familiar with the area and terrain. We want to thank those who gave us valuable information to assist in the search.
Miss Corona is still listed as a missing person. If you have any information about her whereabouts please contact the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office 307-367-4378