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Swift Idol Contestants: Meet Katelyn Turman

The Fall River Propane Swift Idol is coming up on August 2nd and eight contestants will be competing for the chance at $6,000.

One of those contestants is Katelyn Turman from Rexburg, Idaho. She is a student at Madison High School and is heading into her senior year. However, that may be a short senior year as she is planning to graduate early.

“It’s busy,” Turman said.

Her focus is on her ambition for music and she will continue that path in higher education and is hoping to attend Utah Valley University for that.

“I really want to continue my career in singing,” Turman said. “So I’m just hoping to continue my passion for music.”

She talks about her battle with depression. With the social media world teenagers in high school face different challenges with anxiety and depression. However, music has helped her overcome some of those struggles.

“It’s kind of hard to get out and be social,” Turman said about her personal struggles. “Listening to music and singing it and expressing my feelings, it is kind of a way for me to escape from the not so social part of high school.”

She says music just allows her to be herself. She is looking forward to the competition that will be there in Swift Idol. She knows the hard work each contestant puts in and that is something she is looking forward to.

“Just sharing kind of the same passion they’re sharing and getting to know them,” Turman said.

The event is August 2nd and you can pre-purchase tickets here.