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Swift Idol Winner Josh Jardine reflects on competition

It’s been almost three months since the 2019 Fall River Propane Swift Idol and the winner Josh Jardine says he still feels really blessed to have won it.

“There was some great talent,” Jardine said. “I’ve gone back and looked at the video and watched the whole thing a couple of times, there was some really good singers.”

It came down to Tanner Hall and Jardine and he says he remembers just pure excitement when his name was announced as the winner.

He says an awesome aspect of winning is suddenly everyone knew he was.

“Which is pretty fun,” Jardine said. “We went to the Valley Market in Thayne and my kids, we had a dozen people stop and us and they said ‘Dad we can’t take you anywhere.'”

Jardine says not a lot of people knew that he was a singer. He says it is not something he advertises. However, lots of people in the community know now.

He told SVI he has been working on some original songs he has written.

“So I’m working on an album now that I’m hoping to have done by Christmas this year,” Jardine said. “I’ve got nine songs finish and one more to kind of polish up and that will be out.”

He also says he has been performing solo acts in different towns and cities. Most recent was in Blackfoot, Idaho and he says they watched the Swift Idol competition video before asking him to perform.

He says for those thinking about competing in Swift Idol in the future, don’t worry about what you feel is your own shortcomings. He says he thought he was too old as well.

“Do it,” Jardine said. “Put yourself out there and put your heart into it and do it.”

Next year he hopes to be a judge for the event.