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KICK IT OR KEEP IT: “The Good Part” by AJR

A song released nearly five years ago and enjoyed a holiday boost in downloads and is now up for vote in today’s Kick It or Keep It. “The Good Part” by AJR was released in June of 2017 as part…

KICK IT OR KEEP IT: “Way Less Sad” by AJR

One of the more polarizing groups in previous Kick It or Keep It votes is in the spotlight again this week. “Way Less Sad” by AJR was released last week on Thursday, February 19. The song is part of the…

KICK IT OR KEEP IT: “Bummerland” by AJR

A new song by AJR is up for vote in this week’s Kick It or Keep It on SVI Radio. “Bummerland” was released in August of 2020. If voted to be kept, the song will be added to the Swift…