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Black Hills Energy

Controversial state mandate spurs Wyoming utility to join carbon capture partnership

  • Led by Rocky Mountain Power, the partnership — at either Gillette or Glenrock power plants — would spare ratepayers from ‘upfront’ engineering costs   By Dustin Bleizeffer, – Wyoming’s largest electric utility will move forward with new…

Carbon capture reform advances as coal-plant owner says Wyoming’s existing mandate is unaffordable

  Black Hills Energy won a reprieve from state regulators for its ‘final plan’ to comply with the law while legislators consider extending compliance deadlines.   By Dustin Bleizeffer, Wyoming electric power provider Black Hills Energy was supposed to…

Ambitious array of projects could extend lifespan of state’s legacy industries

By Zak Sonntag Casper Star-Tribune Via- Wyoming News Exchange CASPER — The Wyoming Energy Authority is pulling out the stops for an ambitious array of projects that could extend the life of the state’s fossil fuel sectors and simultaneously bring new…

Black Hills Energy to use Wyodak coal to research hydrogen generation

GILLETTE (WNE) — Black Hills Energy will be using Powder River Basin coal to research hydrogen generation. Black Hills Energy was recently awarded a grant from the Wyoming Energy Authority to conduct a feasibility analysis on hydrogen generation using coal…

Ratepayers to foot $2M bill for coal-power mandate

By Dustin Bleizeffer, Electric utilities in Wyoming are already incurring costs to comply with legislation that requires them to pursue retrofitting coal-fired power plants with carbon capture, utilization and sequestration facilities, despite preliminary analyses that CCUS technology is cost-prohibitive….