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Jim Webb

Lower Valley Energy  CEO says dam breaching is a serious issue

• Discussion revolves around salmon mitigation The subject of dam breaching has been the hot topic at Lower Valley Energy (LVE) these days as the area co-op says that secret meetings between the so-called “six sovereigns” is putting their ability…

SVI Radio Interview-Jan. 22: Sen. Dockstader and LVE CEO Jim Webb

Lower Valley Energy responds regarding proposal to breach dams

• Four dams breached under proposal.  A proposal to breach the dams on the Snake River in the Columbia Gorge has drawn opposition from Lower Valley Energy. The change would be done to preserve salmon, however the four dams involved…

Bonneville Power Association announces award for Lower Valley Energy’s Jim Webb

The Bonneville Power Association (BPA) announced it is restarting an award called the Exceptional Public Service Award and will give it to Lower Valley Energy’s CEO Jim Webb. The BPA serves as the wholesale power supplier for LVE. This is…

Interviews Radio

Aug. 22: Jim Webb, Lower Valley Energy CEO

Draft EIS out for LVE Crow Creek Pipeline  

• Project brings gas supply into Star Valley. SVI Media/Dan Dockstader & C-T National Forest The Caribou-Targhee National Forest is released its Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for the Crow Creek Pipeline Lower Valley Energy Project on July 14, 2023….

Lower Valley Energy promoting new text message alert system

Lower Valley Energy CEO Jim Webb joined SVI to promote a new text message alert system to the company is rolling out. He says no one hates outages more than himself, but he understands when it happens people appreciate some…

Lower Valley Energy and state agencies working to solve employee housing quandaries

◆ Housing prices turning people away from region. Housing continues to be a big issue for many whether it’s a matter of cost or availability. Recently a story by the Jackson Hole News & Guide through the Wyoming News Exchange…

LVE has lowest rates in the nation

Lower Valley Energy has the lowest rates in the nation, according to a report presented at the co-op’s annual meeting June 30. “According to our bank, Cooperative Finance Corporation, we have the lowest residential rates of all the co-ops in…

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to run exclusive on wind power

JACKSON (WNE) — Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has announced that it will now use exclusively renewable energy to power its operations, following in the footsteps of other major Jackson Hole organizations in recent years. The switch includes everything from ski…