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Radiology Department at Star Valley Health looks at pricing

Recent lower pricing for MRI imaging at Star Valley Health is not a “blue light special,” said Terry Lemmon, director of radiology, but a “standing price” that will “not change in the near future.” The lowered prices but continued high…

Deadline for Swift Idol Teen is Wednesday June 19

Too much of a good thing is an even better thing….at least when it comes to singing competitions. SVI Media is pleased to announce the addition of a 2019 Swift Idol Teen competition. “Swift Idol Teen is open to anyone…

Star Valley Independent previews

LCSD2 Superintendent Matt Erickson; Tyler Spear, Director of Development for UW College of Education; Dr. Ray Reutzel, Dean of the UW College of Education; and UW Trustee Mel Baldwin discuss the UW Trustees Education Initiative. The Dean and Development Director…