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TEXT-IN TOPIC RESPONSES: Yes or No on Gun Free Zones in Wyoming

Do you support the State of Wyoming getting rid of all gun free zones across the state? That was the question posed on Wednesday to listeners of the Weekday Wake-Up (heard Mon-Fri from 7-9 a.m. on Swift 98.7 fm and…

Text-In Topic Responses: Should Wyoming send troops to the border?

Following an announcement from South Dakota Governor Krisi Noem that she was dispatching members of her state’s National Guard to the U.S./Mexico border in Texas, Duke & Dahl asked listeners of SVI Radio’s Weekday Wake-Up Morning Show if they felt…

Text-In Topic: 6th penny for a swimming pool?

The 6th penny tax is something that has been considered for the last handful of years in Lincoln County. The ballot initiative has been mostly supported in Kemmerer and the southern portion of the county, but has failed in elections…