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Teton County mask order extended through Oct. 31

JACKSON  (WNE) — The Teton County Face Covering Order – aka the mask ordinance – has been extended through Oct. 31, according to the Teton County Public Health Department.

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With hundreds of thousands of visitors passing through Jackson Hole this summer and fall, local health officials stand by the use of masks as one of several important tools to control the spread in Jackson Hole.

Teton County saw COVID-19 cases plummet about two weeks after implementing its countywide mask order.

“We had a lot of things happening at the same time. So that’s why I can’t say, ‘Well, for sure it was the mask order,’” Teton County Director of Health Jodie Pond told the News&Guide in a recent article on the impact of local mask orders. “But mask orders work. Nationally, do you see it working? Yes, we see that all the time.”

As of midday Tuesday there were 53 active coronavirus cases in Teton County with one person at St. John’s Health in intensive care, according to Teton County Emergency Management’s statistical dashboard.

Another 121 people were in quarantine Tuesday. One Teton County resident and a total of 50 people from across Wyoming have died since the pandemic began.