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TEXT-IN RESPONSES: Do You Plan To Get The Flu Shot?

Heading into the flu season, professionals in the medical field are strongly encouraging everyone to get the flu shot, saying it’s more important than ever this year due to COVID-19. Medical personnel say it’s unknown how the flu will interact with COVID-19.

During the Weekday Wake-up on Tuesday morning Duke and Dahl asked listeners if they plan to get the flu shot and what their reasons were for their choice? Below are their responses.


Getting the flu shot

“Absolutely the one year I didn’t get a flu shot I got the flu really bad.”

“Always get a flu shot. It is for the protection of others.”

“Isn’t this country great that we can even have this discussion for me it’ll be absolutely yes.”

“I get flu shot every year I hate getting sick being a Vietnam Veteran or Veteran there is no charge.”

“I always get the flu shot. Was in a close working environment two years ago. Dozen people around me went down with serious cases of the flue for a week to 10 days. Very sick! Most did not get a flu shot. I got the shot and didn’t have any symptoms…and, as a result, didn’t lose any critical work days!”

“Yes I will be getting a flu shot, because I am a responsible human being. Getting a flu shot is about protecting the vulnerable both infants and elderly. While you may be able to recover from the flu in a couple days some of the vulnerable population won’t be as fortunate.”

“I always get a flu shot. I don’t like being sick. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. It has been years. I am a firm believer in flu shots.”

“For the first time in my life, I got the flu shot last week. Seemed like a good idea this year.”

“DEFINITELY !! THE FLU SHOTS HAVE A PURPOSE! They don’t offer them for nothing…”

“Yes. I am at high risk but I didn’t get the shot when I was younger.”

“I’ve been a teacher for 27 years. I have probably averaged a flu shot every other year. I have not noticed that it has made any difference. I get flu-like sickness every year.”

“I don’t usually get a shot, but being a teacher, I did this year.”

“Yes for sure.”

“I’ve already had mine.”

“Already got the shot.”

“I do work in the medical field at the hospital as well as an EMT and yes I have already received my flu shot I feel one more step for precaution is the best for me.”

“I am getting a flu shot I’m a teacher and I’m exposed to all sorts of stuff so I feel it’s important.”


Not getting the flu shot

“Nope, the only 2 years I got the flu shot are the only 2 years I actually ended up with the flu.”

“Not only no but h*** no. I will not get a flu shot they are for the fearful and the gullible. The flu shot is a “shot in the dark” and is highly unlikely to have any effect on the “bug” effecting the public this year. The over reaction propagated by the media on behalf of “evil & scheming leaders” (the leftist socialists) that we call a pandemic is actually a “plan demick” “Evil and scheming” leaders” are doing this in an effort to create fear which will then give them additional levels of control.”

“I’m a very solid no on the flu shot. Learned my lesson years ago. Got a flu shot and was extremely ill with various lung infections from early October until mid summer. Worst health year of my life – hands down. Haven’t had a flu shot since, and zero illness.”

“Not just no but HELL NO. Haven’t got it in 15 years and I’ve only got the flu once.”

“No flu shot for me last and only time I had it it make me so sick within 24 hr I had to go to the hospital.”

“No. Never have been more sick ever.”

“No I am not.  Never have.”

“Absolutely NOT! Had one several years ago I’ve never been so sick in my life!”

“Absolutely not never have.”

“Absolutely not!! I never have and I never will!!!!”

“No I’m not haven’t got it ever and don’t remember the last time I had the flu..”