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TEXT-IN RESPONSES: Do You Support the Government Shutdown Over the Boarder Wall?

President Trump may be declaring a national emergency today during prime time television.  He tweeted yesterday that it is a “Humanitarian and National Security crisis” as he announced he would address the American people about the border situation at 9:00 p.m. Eastern today.  In an earlier announcement, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump will visit the southern border on Thursday.  Meantime, the partial government shutdown is in its third week.  The shutdown was prompted by Trump’s demand for several billion dollars to help construct a massive wall on the border.

During the Text-in Topic on the Weekday Wake-up Tuesday morning, Duke & Dahl asked listeners if they supported the current partial government shutdown over the battle for funding for the boarder wall, and if they would support President Trump declaring a national emergency in order to obtain the funding.  Here are their responses.  Add your opinions by commenting below.

“I hope congress isn’t getting paid during the shutdown.”

“Don’t get me started about the antics of our President. I do wonder why he didn’t start this fight over the wall last year, when he had a Republican majority in Congress. But this shut down is hurting a lot of people who can’t afford missing a paycheck. We need to protect our borders, but I’m not sure a huge wall is the most effective way to do it.”

“I’m not even a big fan of Trump but I have no problem with the shutdown to secure the border. Build it!”

“Protecting our borders and our nation is one of our federal government’s actual duties and they have not done a good job at. Building of the wall is a great start to regulating what should and should not come in and out of our country.”

“Build the wall you can’t go to any other country without a Visa or passport. I couldn’t even get into Vietnam without something.”



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