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TEXT-IN RESPONSES: Is COVID-19 a real threat or blown out of proportion?

The University of Wyoming recently released result to a statewide survey regarding opinions on COVID-19. The survey, which was conducted on October 6th, asked residents from around the state various questions about how they felt the virus has been handled. Some of the questions in the survey included if the respondent felt anxious about the spread of the virus in Wyoming, if they are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their personal finances, if they supported limiting public gatherings and facemasks, and how they felt the governor and president have done in handling the virus.

During the Text-In Topic on SVI Radio Thursday morning, Duke & Dahl focused on one of the questions asked in the survey, where 47% of the respondents said they felt that COVID-19 is a “real threat” while 46% stated that it has been “blown out of proportion.” Radio listeners in Lincoln County and Bridger Valley were asked the same question. Below are their responses. Feel free to add your opinions in the comments.

Real Threat

“Real threat but even if not at over age 70 not taking a chance. Won’t eat out where staff does not wear masks.”

“Real threat.”

Blown Out Of Proportion

“We believe COVID-19 is real, but with a 98% recovery rate, it has been blown out of proportion and it is being used as a way to control people!! All we have to do is wash, wash, wash our hands!!”

“I think it’s real but I think it’s been blown out of proportion in a political agenda.”

“I think it’s been blown out of proportion. I wish we had never shut down everything but at the time there seemed no choice. I wish we had just got it over with. I have it & I have stayed home & self medicated just like I would with any flue & I soon will be out doing my regular things. There was no reason to have a national panic & it has gone on far too long.”

“Blown out of proportion.”

“Both– Covid is dangerous, but so is driving, waterskiing, and eating too much bacon! We still do those things! The virus is dangerous and has been blown way, way out of proportion.”

“Has been blown out of proportion by media as a political ploy.”

“It is being blown out of proportion. Even though I am going to school, I am still not wearing a mask I have only worn my mask once since this has happened.”

“I think it is a threat that has been blown out of per portion.”

“Blown out of proportion.”

“It is real and people are dieing because of complications just like the flu, and pneumonia, but they are blowing it out of proportion.”

“Blown out of proportion for sure. Sometimes our actions of prevention are more harmful to the emotional well being of people than the threat of the virus.”

“I travel around the country for work a hundred percent of the time and from what I’ve I’ve seen and gathered it’s been totally blown out of proportion. It’s in my opinion being used as a political ploy, convenient for the election and it’s starting to affect a lot of people’s monetary income, and I think it’s ridiculous to try and put our country into a tailspin the way it’s done. And it has anything to do with Republican president or anything else.”

“I really do blame China for letting the people out of the country. I think that was wrong. And I’ve got to say since this has happened, I’ve only worn a mask probably about five or six times. And I do think if we I kind of think of it just like the flu I think it’s going to go through its its cycle. I do think if people distance, stay away from one another, and stay out of big gatherings I do think that I think it will go through it’s course. But I think people just have to be careful and wash their hands and just take some take some precautions, but I think it is blown out of proportion.”