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TEXT-IN RESPONSES: Should parents be required by law to vaccinate their kids?

Wednesday morning during the Text-In Topic on the Weekday Wake-up, Duke & Dahl asked listeners their opinions in regards to vaccinations.  (The Weekday Wake-up can be heard throughout western and southwestern Wyoming Monday-Friday from 7-9 am on Swift 98 and The Spur)

The question comes up as a measles outbreak is affecting the North West United States, and as Idaho is considering changes to their vaccine laws.

The Post Register, and eastern Idaho newspaper, reports that the Idaho House voted in favor of a bill “which requires all schools and child care centers in Idaho, whenever they send notice to parents about immunizations required by state law, including enrollment forms, to also note that Idaho parents can exempt their kids from any or all of them.”

According to the Post Register, Idaho’s opt-out rates for immunizations are among the highest in the nation, with 6.9 percent of kids going vaccinated in 2017-18.  The state allows parents to choose not to vaccinate their children for any reason.

Wyoming law is not so relaxed.  According to the Wyoming Department of Health, vaccinations are required for “any child attending a public or private school, including religious-based schools, as well as children participating in school sanctioned activities.”  Wyoming does allow for parents to apply for a waiver to the mandatory immunizations based on genuine religious objection or a medical contraindication.

Listeners were asked if they agreed with the Wyoming policy that all students, by law, need to be vaccinated with only a few exceptions.  Or, if like Idaho, a parent has more freedom to choose if they vaccinate their child.  Below are their responses.  Add your responses in the comments section.

Agree with law requiring vaccination

“If you live your kids, Vaccinate then!!! It is selfish not to, and it does affect everyone around you!!”

“ABSOLUTELY Wyoming SHOULD continue requiring it. Parents who choose NOT to vaccinate their children should NOT be allowed to enroll their children in public school.”

“I totally agree with Wyoming. Idaho is going to see more of an out break. There is reason we have them and still use them.”

“64 years ago when in second grade, I had mumps and Red measles. I still remember how awful it was. Parents not vaccinating have no idea how terrible the diseases are. Individual rights end where another’s rights begin. Can choose if not in public school.”

“When I grew up and when my kids grew up it was state law that everyone had to be up to date with vaccinations still have shot cards.”

“You should definitely be required to vaccinate your children to attend a public school. Maybe there should be penalties imposed upon those who do not vaccinate their children such as higher insurance rates. You are not only endangering the lives of the students in a public school but also the lives of those in the community you live in.”

“If your child goes to public school then vaccination should be required. Idaho is being overrun by “progressive” hippies in Boise! Stop catering to the extreme minority.”

“Anti-vaxxers should not be allowed to have their child attend a public school. It is a matter of public safety. The Wyoming law is the correct one and just another reason why Idaho is a poorly run mess.”

“Yes, it should be required. I would be willing to bet my morning Mountain Dew that if there to be a large outbreak of any of the diseases that have been controlled and eradicate the percentage of people not vaccinated would be far less than it is now. We should be thankful for the miracles of modern medicine instead of being narrow minded, selfish.”

Agree with parents right to choose

“This topic is one I have spent 100’s of hrs researching the pros and cons. This topic is very sensitive to me. I work in the medical professional and I get so tired of the propaganda surrounding this topic. There is NO medical procedure that does not have inherent risks. It is malpractice to perform a procedure without informed consent. Yet vaccines in the media are presented as risk free and we are trying to force everyone to conform and mandate vaccines without informed consent. The big pharma companies have used scare tactics to convince the uninformed that the risks out way the benefit. And isn’t it nice to be able to force a procedure on everyone and have a law that does not let anyone sue you if your product injures or kills them. There should never be a law that forces anyone to have a procedure done with out the individuals choice. I could debate and talk about this topic for days.”



  1. My youngest child had a reaction to an immunization when given the first dose as a baby and so did not receive the rest of those shots. I still live in fear that she will be exposed to the disease and contract it. I pray for her health and safety daily.

  2. Where I went to high school there was a religious sect who didnt believe in doctors. At least twice that I remember they had an outbreak of dipthiria. The entire community had to get immunized but them. It made no sense then or now.
    All you have to do is go to some of the older cemeteries and see all the babies and children buried there to understand what a difference vaccines have made.
    Sometimes laws have to protect the public good.

  3. At the current time there is a whooping cough out break in Harvard-Westlake school in CA. There are 30 diagnosis cases of whooping cough. Guess how many are full vaccinated? You may have guessed it. All 30!! The kids that are not vaccinated at that school have not contracted the illness or caused the illness. Check the research, do your own investigation. Do not trust what others are telling you about vaccination. Read both sides of the discussion. I am not 100% against vaccination but I am against the recommended vaccination schedule and the lack of choice. What freedoms are we willing to give up for so called safety? Are you willing to give up your guns because it is the same argument. Our rights in this country is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. Do not try to force your way on others because you feel it is going to provide some sort of safety. The truth is many of the fully vaccinated people (40-60%) have no immunity to the diseases they have been vaccinated for.

  4. If you want to be a slave, you should move to North Korea instead of trying to enslave everyone else around you.

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