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TEXT-IN TOPIC RESPONSES: Agree or disagree with a mandate to wear masks in public?

In a press conference Wednesday, July 1, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon continued to encourage more Wyoming residents to wear cloth masks while in public to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The Governor also spoke to the idea of a state requirement to wear mask, something a number of states have implemented but something Governor Gordon would like to avoid.

“It really does depend on the people of this state, as it has right from the beginning, to exercise good judgement, to do the right thing. And I know you will.” Gordon stated in the press conference.

As of Tuesday, June 30, the states west of the Mississippi that had a state requirement for residents to wear face masks when in public include California, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas and Hawaii.

During the Weekday Wakeup on SVI Radio, Duke & Dahl asked listeners if they would or would not support the state of Wyoming implementing a requirement to wear masks in public when social distancing measures are not possible.  Below are their responses.

Support Requirement

“Yes. I am at very high risk and anything we can do is worth it.”

“Yes I would. Dress codes are a part of life, from athletic uniform requirements to work grooming guidelines. I might not like it, but I would do it.”

“”I definitely think masks should be mandatory, I live with and take care of my 88 year old mother.”

“I would support wearing face masks. I especially think businesses should require employees to wear a mask if they have contact with the public. Many businesses in Star Valley with clerks in close contact with public do not have employees wear masks. Very careless.”

“Yes I wear a mask because I want to stay healthy and keep others healthy.”

“I would struggle with it but I think it’s because of pride. I would wear it if they felt it needed to be required.”

Would Not Support Requirement

“I think this mask thing is stupid.”

“No mandatory masks. If you’re that worried avoid people.”

“No, I don’t support this. Nobody knows what is happening with this virus and cloth masks increase the risks of other infections.”

“No they cut off proper oxygen.”

“Businesses and individuals are free to do as they please, government should not have the authority to mandate how you live your life. For better or worse it’s the price we pay for that individual liberty.”

“No I would not. Because having a it is just taking more rights away.”

“Hell no, can we please stop trying to control one another and just love one another and let freedom ring.”

“No do not support mandatory mask wearing If you want to wear one wear it.”

“I concur with the governor. He has used wisdom & good sense in his advice”

“Absolutely not! That is against our rights as a people.”

“I won’t period. It’s nothing more than a show. If they were serious about stopping covid they would shut down the airports and tourism?”

Other Responses

“I have a cloth mask that has a Wyoming bucking horse on it! I wear it if it helps myself or anyone else!”

“My 2 son in laws and daughter are nurses and they say the only one that works is the one with charcoal filter.”