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Text-In Topic Responses: Agree or disagree with nuclear power in Wyoming?

In a historic announcement Wednesday, June 2, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said Wyoming, in partnership with PacifiCorp and TerraPower, would build a first of it’s kind nuclear power facility. The Natrium reactor nuclear power plant will replace one of Rocky Mountain Power’s retiring coal fired power plants.

The exact location of the facility is yet to be determined, but it will be located in either Kemmerer, Rock Springs, Glenrock or Gillette. All communities with a coal power plant scheduled to retire in the next handful of years.

Governor Mark Gordon said the new facility will keep Wyoming as the nation’s leader in energy production and provide much needed jobs to coal communities in the state.

During the Weekday Wake-up on SVI Radio (Swift 98 and The Spur), Duke & Dahl asked listeners what their reaction to the announcement was? Do you support the new direction into nuclear energy? And are you okay with the possibility of a nuclear power plant in your own backyard? Below are the listener’s responses.

“Which is worse nuclear waste or coal smoke ? I’m not sure what to think about nuclear curse what we already have!”

“I’m all for nuclear energy as long as we don’t sell any of it to California.”

“I’m not saying no but…. Does no one remember Three Mile Island? Where are they going to store the nuclear waste? Aren’t we already set up with efficient coal mines/power plants? I think more discussion is needed and input from the residents of Wyoming before proceeding.”

“I was excited to hear about nuclear power coming to Wyoming. With existing power facilities that can be converted it only makes sense.”

“More energy for Wyoming!”

“Wyoming needs jobs as long as Homer Simpson stays home.”

“Time to diversify Wyoming’s economy!”

“Very much in favor of nuclear power!!”

“I’m all for nuclear energy. And I’d love to see continued exploration of coal product production. Wyoming power lights and heats the country as well as paying the states bills. Bring it on!”

“I believe nuclear power is the way of Wyoming’s future. We also have support from both sides, republicans and democrats. I also believe this will just be the start of nuclear power in Wyoming. And more retiring coal fired power plant In Wyoming will be add in the future.”

“I like the idea that we will have income again.”

“Yes yes yes”

“No. Sounds like another Chernobyl waiting to happen to me.”

“Bring on nuclear! It’s the future of energy. Wyoming getting ahead of the energy curve is just what we need to pull us out of this deficit.”

“I think they should fully rejuvenate and fire up the coal plants and then build the new Nuclear Plant in Jackson Hole.”

“Nuclear power could be a great source of Wyoming income. It has been shown to be safe. However, I don’t really trust Bill Gates!!”

“I think nuclear is the future in energy. The sooner Wyoming gets on board the better the revenue will be for the state. Also, I hope it’s in Kemmerer, bring more jobs back to the community.”

“I think it would help Wyoming’s economy, and help diversify our states income.”

“Nuclear power in Wyoming brings money to our communities that will be gone when the liberals stop us from using coal so I am 100% on board for the nuclear power.”

“I’m not really sure how to feel about this I can see both pros and cons with it.”

“I think this is a fantastic idea. Coal as a power source is a dying star and I think the Feds telling Wyoming no for the coal port on the west coast was one of the last straws. Wyoming needs to diversify their mind set. Let’s go for it.”

“Cool!! I am all for it. It has proven safe for decades. US needs to address the waste issue, but that can be solved.”

“It sounds like a great opportunity. The state needs to look at all options of new industry.”

“I think it is a super good idea for Wyoming and the whole nation! It can provide jobs and energy. The nuclear waste can be taken care of properly. My dad used to work in the nuclear industry and there are safe ways to get rid of the nuclear waste.”

“I like the idea!”

“I’m all for it!”