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TEXT-IN TOPIC RESPONSES: Do you hold Trump responsible for Jan. 6 attack on U.S. Capitol?

The House is hitting former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows with a criminal contempt of Congress citation. The final vote was 222 to 208 in favor. Meadows has defied a subpoena to testify before the House committee investigating the January 6th Capitol attack. Meadows was ex-President Trump’s last chief of staff and is a former Republican congressman from North Carolina. The contempt citation will be referred to the Justice Department for possible prosecution. Meadows was with Trump in the White House during the hours of the Capitol attack. He received numerous text messages from allies urging him to push the President to do something to stop the attack.

Rep. Cheney’s comments during a Monday hearing regarding the text messages can be found here.

During the Weekday Wakeup on SVI Radio, Duke & Dahl asked listeners if they held Trump responsible for what happened, and their thoughts on Wyoming’s U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney’s stance as she sits as Vice Chair of the investigative committee. Here are the listener’s responses.

Support Trump

“Look at the time line and see if trump is to blame?? Why is trump the only politician being held accountable? Timeline for January 6th 12:00 pm Trump starts speaking. 12:45 pm Violent protestors arrived at the capital. 1:09 pm Capital was being overrun and efforts were made to call the national guard. 1:11 pm Trump speech ends. 1:50 pm Capitol was breached priority being attacked for 1 hour. 1:56 pm Earliest Trump speech attendees could arrive to the Capitol. Liz won’t give you the times of the texts!”

“Not anymore responsible for the riots then a spoon is for making Rosie O’Donnell fat!!!!Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Lizzy!!!!!Hopefully the days of the Cheney’s are over in Nov!”

“Cheney is a democrat and needs to go.”

“Throughout the summer and fall there was Anarchy looting and riots portrayed as peaceful protests. on January 6th there was a protest at the Capitol that was portrayed as Anarchy and riots. Liz Cheney was elected because of the nearly Universal respect in Wyoming for her father’s name. In Washington she showed that she is a Pelosi Biden Democrat and no longer deserves any respect or to be associated with the great state of Wyoming.”

“I think the way the Democratic Party acted need to take some responsibility for what went on- not to totally excuse Trump either but too many of National level government are a bunch of crooks- I don’t trust Cheney at all!”

“I hold congress and Cheney in contempt.”

“No trump is not responsible.”

“Absolutely not! And there security was pathetic and they welcomed antifa in! Liz is a traitor and needs to leave Wyoming! Maybe go bird hunting with her dad.”

“Liz Cheney is grandstanding to run for President in 2024. She is a Rino and doesn’t represent Wyoming values.”

“If we are holding trump accountable for these mostly peaceful protests how are we not doing the same and holding the governors and Biden accountable for all of the BLM riots across the country that have cause more damage and killed more people.”

“Trump did nothing wrong. Cheney needs to go she’s nothing more than a lying Dem!”

“Impeach liz. why don’t they investigate the border, Afghanistan mess up and the summer of burning, rioting, killing, inflation, gas prices, etc. Trump was a good politician because he wasn’t a politician.”

“Absolute not he called for a peaceful demonstration. These were not trump supporters that stormed the White House. Liz is a fraud and as worthless as Biden.”

“People have choices and made the choice on their own. I am not happy with Liz Cheney… I feel like she is not supporting the Republican side looking at the big picture. I will not vote for her again.”

“People make their own choices if I want to slap someone then that’s my choice, Trump didn’t plot the riot, Cheney is a rhino that has the values of being friends over what is right.”

“It was NOT an attack. It makes no sense to call it an attack.”

“I think Liz Cheney has gotten swept up into a negative cause. She sure has lost my support! Would she like her personal texts read publicly into the congressional record? Or her dad’s? She needs to move on from her Trump hate!”

“Liz Cheney is a garbage human. I’m glad I didn’t vote for her. And I will say that there was possible voter fraud in our own state.. How did she get in? I literally don’t know anyone who voted for her.”

“Don’t blame Trump. Blame the dumocrats rats.”

“No I don’t blame Trump I blame Cheney the turn coat.”

“Absolutely not!”

Support Cheney

“Yes, I hold him responsible. I support Liz Cheney in her involvement in insurrection committee.”

“I applaud Liz Cheney for seeking the truth and doing so even when unpopular.”

“I support Rep Cheney as she shows the Wyoming spirit of courage. Respect her.”

“Trump may not have said to go do anything specific, but he sure doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone other than himself. I have not missed him.”

“Yes, I do blame Trump in large measure for Jan 6. He may not have caused the severe polarization and divisiveness we are seeing now, but he made it much worse Rep Cheney was very gutsy to take her stand. I left the Republican Party over this.”

“Did Trump cause the riots, no. But he did foster the culture that is responsible for the riots. I applaud Liz Cheney for standing up against the odds and doing what an elected representative should do.”

“I blame Trump for the January 6 riot. He encouraged it.”


“Liz Cheney will be as popular as Ronald Reagan if she moves to California. Her platform for campaign must be energy independence pledging to the Californians. That she is the most environment ally correct republican in the US ..that she will strive to shutdown off shore drilling off their beloved coastlines and only promote drilling in Wyoming Alaska Texas and the Dakota’s to save out ocean…I then want her to run against Donald Trump in the primaries .. converting some Californian environment it’s to register Republican. Why CA .. they have 53 electoral votes We Have 3.. She is capable of getting conservative trump haters to vote for her.. that’.is why She voted to impeach. She wants to be President. Liz please run for Governor of CA first.”

“Cheney is a sissy and Trump is a loudmouth bully but he did not order the attack nor did he try to prevent it.”

“It doesn’t take a Philadelphia lawyer to know with Liz Cheney something ain’t quite right.”


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