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Timber Harvest auction for Greys River District to happen Dec. 3

The anticipated Timber Harvest auction for the Greys River District is set to happen on Tuesday December 3.

Lincoln County Commissioner Jerry Harmon says this has been a long time coming. He has worked several years on this project as they have discussed forest health.

“We’ve had a bug epidemic in the Greys River District, forest wide for that matter,” Harmon said. “But we formed a collaborative group about four years ago.”

He says the estimates put the timber sale of around 3.5 million or 4 million feet. He also says there was a lot of work done with the Forest Service.

“I think you’re seeing us enter in a new era with the forest service and federal agencies,” Harmon said. “We’ve had to prompt them along the way, but they’re willing and wanting to see something done.”

He also says with the Alpine fire they could see there was a danger for many homes. So he says the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Bridger-Teton National Forest, a conservation district, the Alpine group, and the county are working together now.

“So there’s a lot of things taking place,” Harmon said. “And a lot of good things.”

He says there is a potential to see some jobs come as a result of the timber sale. However, the biggest benefit many will see is with the roads.

“We’re going to see improved roads and that is going to help with our recreationals and other users,” Harmon said.

He says Greys River District Ranger Justin Laycock and his engineering group have stepped up and done some improvements already. The funding from this sale will only enhance that according to Harmon.

He says that as far as he understands this process will be a closed bidding. So only a few groups will be part of the process. However, Harmon says there will be “four or five entities bidding on this sale.”

“Hopefully it will sell and we will see a lot of trucks next season,” Harmon said.

He defined the season as starting after the calving season.