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Two lanes prepped for Etna to Alpine winter season

◆ Grover Corner and South End planned for coming year.

Paving is scheduled to start Sept. 12 on two full lanes between Etna and Alpine. The lanes have been prepared with a Full Depth Reclamation (FDS) process in preparation for final paving.

This is all part of the five-lane Etna North project, between Etna and Alpine on U.S. Highway 89.

FDR is a three-step process that includes pulverizing all paving material eight inches deep and then spreading the material across the full width of the road as part of the first step.

A second step blends all of the material together as part of the base of the road.

A third step utilizes equipment that mixes a combination of asphalt and cement in the road base. “It basically stabilizes the sub-grade so that we can pave on it with a solid surface,” explained WYDOT Resident Engineer Darin Robinson. “That is the last of the process, and once that is set up then it’s ready to pave.”

The entire FDR process is expected to be complete this week for two lanes connecting Alpine and Etna.

Crews are scheduled to start paving Sept. 12.

“The goal is to have everything placed from Alpine to Etna on the two lanes they are working on,” Robinson said. “We can’t drive on the FDR, we have to have pavement down before we can get traffic switched over. The goal is to have two completed lanes with uninterrupted traffic flow on those two lanes. If weather permits, we’ll switch to the other side and hopefully get it FDR’d and paved in as well.”

Thayne North

A similar five-lane project proposed between Thayne and Etna on U.S. Highway 89 has been delayed until 2028.

Snake River Canyon

The Snake River Canyon paving project on U.S. 26/89 is under the direction of the Jackson WYDOT office.

Robinson said that office is overseeing one of the final steps of paving in the canyon — putting down a wear course. “This a friction course on top of the roadway, similar to a chip-seal treatment, applied for traction,” explained Robinson. “That should take five to eight days to complete that.”

Grover Corner

Plans call for changes to the Grover Corner on U.S. Highway 89 in the coming year with a turn lane to accommodate increased Auburn traffic.

WYDOT is in the process of drilling soil samples at the site to study the soil profile where Wyoming State Highway joins U.S. Highway 89.

“They want to make sure it is stable,” noted Robinson.

South End

In the coming year a pavement overlay will be added to the Salt River Summit (South End) from mile post 64 to 72. Some gravel crushing may be done this fall in preparation for the 2023 Spring project.

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