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Tyresha Hale to be a featured soloist in upcoming performance

“Anatomy of a Symphony” is the theme of the free Spring Concert of the Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra to be presented Thursday, May 30, 7:30 p.m. in the Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center.

Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony will be the focus of that theme as the audience becomes familiar with the structure of a symphony.

“Both before and during the performance there will be a series of video clips and images that will be projected on a large screen behind the orchestra, during which I will explain the form of the symphony,” said Dr. Kevin Call, director of this community orchestra. “Just as watching any given sporting event is much more entertaining if one knows the rules of the game, listening to a symphony is more interesting when one knows the compositional ‘rules’ in play.   Then when a composer like Beethoven purposely chooses to ‘break’ or ignore some conventional rules, the knowledge of these discarded expectations can greatly increase the musical ‘drama’ for the listener.  This is our hope for what these video images will accomplish for our audience.”

Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony is a joyous whirlwind of sound with buoyant dance-like spirit and positive energy.  Of all the great Beethoven symphonies this is a favorite for many musicians and concert-goers because of the hopeful and happy inspiration it displays.

The second movement is particularly loved and at the premier performance the audience demanded an encore on the spot of the second movement.

The fact that Beethoven composed this most beautiful and extraordinary music while deaf is an almost superhuman feat of creative genius.

An interesting fact is that the Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra in past seasons has performed Symphonies #3, #5 and #9 of Beethoven’s, yet, “this #7 is my favorite,” said Mark Seare, principal clarinetist in the orchestra.

Also featured on the program will be Tyresha Hale, principal cellist, soloing with the orchestra for Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations.

This is the closest this Russian composer came to writing a full concerto for cello and orchestra.  Inspired by Mozart, it is an original theme in the Rococo style, and scored for a reduced orchestra.  It is a challenging work for the soloist.

“I hardly have time to turn my pages,” said Hale.

Tyresha is the daughter of Ed and Mary Lisota of Afton. She lives in Ririe with her husband, Zack, and their two sons, Brad and Matt.

The Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra is an all-volunteer community orchestra in its 16th season and is sponsored by the City of Rexburg.

This unique ensemble prepares three free concerts per season. Musicians of various ages, backgrounds, and locales in the upper valley share their talents and creative skills in this labor of love for the community.