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Update on burn victims offers hope but also sheds light on recovery

Teylor Dunn and Anthyn Titensor were both transported via life-flight from Star Valley after a propane explosion on Monday August 3.


In an instant Teylor Dunn and Anthyn Titensor had their lives changes. One moment they were prepping for what would likely be a busy Monday in the opening days of the 2020 Lincoln County Fair. The next they found themselves fighting for their lives as they were airlifted to regional medical facilities after an explosion.

Trying to earn a few dollars as many teens do, they worked the Cowboy Kitchen food trailer as Teylor attempted to light the pilot light on a fryer. Due to a build-up of propane the gas ignited and exploded, badly injuring the pair and also burning Anthyn’s sibling.

According to updates provided by Anthyn’s aunt, Staci Wheatley, who set up the GoFundMe Account, the initial prognosis was bleak with possible lung damage as well as second and third-degree burns.


Click the picture to be taken to the GoFundMe page for Teylor and Anthyn

“Its devastating it truly is,” she said. “My heart goes out to the kids; not just the physical elements but the mental things they will need to overcome as well. All three of them with Trayson as well. ”

According to Wheatley, Anthyn was burned on 15-20 percent of his body with second and third degree burns. Teylor had 49-percent of her body burned with second and third degree burns. She is expected to be part of the Intensive Care Unit for the next several weeks.

“It’s just horrific,” she added.

Some good news was offered by Wheatley who stated that Anthyn was likely to be released in just a few days and was consumed by thoughts of showing his pig  at the livestock auction as part of the fair.

“Luckily neither one had any lung damage so that was a huge blessing,”  Anthyn is doing very well and they are hopeful he will be released in the next day or two. He’s more concerned about showing his pig on Saturday. Teylor still has a long road ahead of her and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”