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Woman charged with driving with child in vehicle containing meth

RIVERTON (WNE) — A Riverton woman could face up to six years in prison for driving a vehicle with both methamphetamine and a child aboard.

Kelsey Dane Eagleroad, 23, was pulled over by Riverton Police Department Officer Kingston Cole at about 9:24 p.m. on Sept. 8, on North Third Street East in Riverton, because she was driving a vehicle with only one working headlight.

When Cole met with Eagleroad, he noted the presence of two adults and one child in the car.

The child in the back seat was about 6 years old; Myleigh Osterholz, 19, also sat in the back, and Dylan Barry, 24, sat in the front passenger seat.

Cole found Eagleroad “extremely nervous and… fidgety,” court documents state.

When asked a question about her license, Eagleroad started erratically to tell Cole about her night.

“Cole recognized her behavior, based on his training and experience, to sometimes be associated with methamphetamine usage,” the affidavit reads.

Cole asked Eagleroad to step out of the vehicle. She told him she had used meth in the past, but not recently. Cole checked her pupils and found them normal. He then got permission from her to search her vehicle.

Cole found two baggies of suspected meth in her purse in the driver’s seat. The powdery substance in the baggies later tested positive for meth presence.

Because Eagleroad is accused of harboring a child, knowingly, in a car containing meth, she faces a maximum five years in prison and $5,000 in fines for child endangerment, plus another year and $1,000 for misdemeanor meth possession.

She was transferred to Fremont County District Court in October and since has pleaded “not guilty.”