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Wright Wins Title at Soldier Salute Tournament  

CORALVILLE, Iowa (Dec. 30, 2022) – The Cowboy Wrestling squad wrapped up competition at the Soldier Salute in Coralville, Iowa on Friday led by Jacob Wright who went 2-0 on the day to capture the 157-pound title. The Pokes closed out the day with nine grapplers finishing in the top eight.

Wright, who is currently ranked 11th at 157 pounds, opened his day with a semifinal matchup against Army’s No. 30 ranked Nathan Lukez. In his first ranked matchup of the season Wright pulled away late in the match for an 8-3 win to advance to the finals.

In the finals Wright went up against No. 21 ranked Cael Swensen (SDSU). It would be a gritty win for Wright as he jumped out to a 4-1 lead holding off a late surge from Swenson for the 4-3 victory and the Soldier Salute title. Wright now improves to 10-0 on the season and bumped his career win total to 94. With the win Wright has opens his season with back-to-back tournament wins after capturing the Reno TOC title in his season debut.

The trio of Jore Volk (125), Cole Moody (165) and Hayden Hastings (174) all earned third place finishes with each of them going 2-1 on the day on their way to the podium finish. Bryce Dauphin (157) rattled off four straight wins to make the consolation final finishing in fourth.

At 184 pounds, it would be a battle of teammates in the fifth-place match as Quayin Short went up against Guillermo Escobedo. In a tightly contested battle, Short shut down Escobedo for a 2-0 win.

Darren Green went 2-1 on the day capping his day off with a pin to finish seventh at 141 pounds. Competing unattached at 157 pounds, Cooper Voorhees also finished seventh while Chase Zollmann rounded the Cowboy place winners finishing eighth at 149 pounds.

As a team, the Cowboys finished third with 99.5 points while Iowa won the team title with 228 points and Army finishing as the runner-up with 106 points. Columbia and South Dakota State rounded out the top five finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

The Cowboy will ring in the New Year with another road trip to Iowa taking on Northern Iowa on Jan. 5 and following that up with a dual against Iowa State on Jan. 7.


125 – Jore Volk – 3rd 

Volk (WYO) tech. fall Charles Mathews (IOWA) 16-0

Volk (WYO) dec. Nick Babin (COL) 6-1

No. 1 Spencer Lee (IOWA) major dec. Volk (WYO) 15-5

Volk (WYO) dec. Blair Orr (CIT) 8-3

Volk (WYO) dec. Nick Babin (COL) 4-2


125 – Garrett Ricks  

Ethan Berginc (ARMY) dec. Ricks (WYO) 7-4

Nick Babin (COL) major dec. Ricks (WYO) 11-2

Ricks (WYO) major dec. Tony Burke (VMI) 9-1

Caelan Riley (CIT) dec. Ricks (WYO) 3-2

Ricks (WYO) dec. Damion Ryan (BELL) 3-2

Ricks (WYO) major dec. Charles Matthews (IOWA) 16-2


133 – Aidan Noonan 

Jace Rhodes (IOWA) dec. Noonan (WYO) 6-3

Noonan (WYO) major dec. Boris Whitmer (COL) 8-0

Rich Treanor (ARMY) major dec. Noonan (WYO) 11-2

Brayton Killiri (CIT) dec. Noonan (WYO) 9-7



141 – Darren Green – 7th 

Green (WYO) dec. Luke Lucerne (NAVY) 4-1

Matt Kazimir (COL) dec. Green (WYO) 4-0

Green (WYO) major dec. Dillon Roman (CIT) 12-4

Drew Bennet (IOWA) dec. Green (WYO) 3-1 (SV-1)

Green (WYO) fall (6:50) Connor Thorpe (UNI)


149 – Chase Zollmann – 8th 

Zollmann (WYO) major dec. Aiden Medora (WISC) 10-1

Caleb Rathjen (IOWA) dec. Zollmann (WYO) 4-0

Zollmann (WYO) fall (3:34) Leif Schroeder (IOWA)

Wil Guida (UNC) fall (5:39) Zollmann (WYO)

Alek Martin (SDSU) major dec. Zollmann (WYO) 12-2


149 – Warren Carr 

Warren (WYO) dec. Trae McDaniel (ARMY) 7-3

Danny Fongaro (COL) dec. Carr (WYO) 5-3

Gable Fox (UNI) dec. Carr (WYO)  7-3

Logan Brown (ARMY) dec. Noonan (WYO) 6-5

Carr (WYO) dec. Carson DesRosier (CIT) 5-4

Aiden Medora (UNAT) dec. Carr (WYO) 3-2


157 – No. 11 Jacob Wright – 1st 

Wright (WYO) fall (5:52) Grant Odell (BELL)

Wright (WYO) dec. Andrew Garr (COL) 3-0

Wright (WYO) dec. No. 30 Nathan Lukez (ARMY) 8-3

Wright (WYO) dec. No. 21 Cael Swenson (SDSU) 4-3


157 – Bryce Dauphin – 4th 

RJ Weston (UNI) dec. Dauphin (WYO) 8-4

Dauphin (WYO) fall (4:56) Andrew Cerniglia (ARMY)

Dauphin (WYO) dec. Andrew Garr (COL) 2-1

Dauphin (WYO) dec. Evan Yant (UNI) 6-4 (SV-1)

Dauphin (WYO) fall (2:55) RJ Weston (UNI)

Job Chishko (VMI) dec. Dauphin (WYO) 7-0


157 – Cooper Voorhees (UNAT) – 7th 

Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) dec. Wade Mitchell (UNI) 8-5

Cael Swensen (SDSU) major dec. Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) 11-2

Voorhees (WYO) dec. Nate Wheeler (INDT) 3-2

Job Chishko (VMI) dec. Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) 7-1

Voorhees (WYO-UNAT) dec. Evan Yant (UNI) 5-3


165 – Cole Moody – 3rd 

Moody (WYO) major dec. Aidan Lenz (CIT) 10-1

Moody (WYO) dec. Christian Minto (UNI) 6-5

No. 13 Patrick Kennedy (IOWA) dec. Moody (WYO) 9-6

Moody (WYO) dec. Drake Rhodes (IOWA) 8-7

Moody (WYO) dec. Dalton Harkins (ARMY) 5-4


174 – Hayden Hastings – 3rd 

Hastings (WYO) dec. Dillon Sheehy (ARMY) 7-3

Hastings (WYO) dec. Jon Hoover (VMI) 4-0

Lennox Wolak (COL) fall (4:24) Hastings (WYO)

Hastings (WYO) fall (4:19) Graham Calhoun (WIS)

Hastings (WYO) dec. Devan Hendricks (BELL) 4-3


174 –Brett McIntosh 

Nick Fine (COL) fall (2:42) McIntosh (WYO)

Devan Hendricks (BELL) dec. McIntosh (WYO) 8-3

Cade Tenold (UNAT) dec. McIntosh (WYO) 7-5 (SV-1)

McIntosh (WYO) tech. fall Noah Rowlett (BELL) 16-0

Brock Fettig (SDSU) dec. McIntosh (WYO) 10-5


184 – Quayin Short – 5th 

Short (WYO) fall (2:39) Jai Sodhi (UNAT)

Short (WYO) dec. Mikey Griffith (IOWA) 4-3

Bennet Berge (UNAT) dec. Short (WYO) 9-6

Sahm Addulrazzaq (ARMY) dec. Short ( WYO) 8-4

Sgort (WYO) dec. Guillermo Escobedo (WYO) 2-0


184 – Guillermo Escobedo 

Abe Assad (IOWA) major dec. Escobedo (WYO) 14-4

Escobedo (WYO) major dec. Jaxon Bowes (SDSU) 10-1

Escobedo (WYO) dec. Mickey Griffith (IOWA) 5-3

Escobedo (WYO) fall (1:47) Aidan McCain (IOWA)

Roman Rogotzke (SDSU) dec. Escobedo (WYO) 11-4

Quayin Short (WYO) dec. Escobedo (WYO) 2-0


197 – Tyce Raddon – 7th 

Jacob Warner (IOWA) fall (1:15) Raddon (WYO)

Raddon (WYO) dec. Royce Hall (BELL)

Jake Lucas (NAVY) dec. Tyce Raddon (WYO) 5-3

Raddon (WYO) major dec. Adam Ahrendsen (UNI)


285 – Terren Swartz – 7th 

Gannon Rosenfeld (WIS) dec. Swartz (WYO) 8-1

Swartz (WYO) dec. Easton Fleshman (UNAT) 9-2

Swartz (WYO) fall (4:32) Dan Conley (COL)

Swartz (WYO) fall (1:11) Brooks Empey (WIS)

Bradley Hill (IOWA) dec. Swartz 9WYO) 3-2


285 – Mason Ding- 9th 

Ding (WYO) major dec. Easton Fleshman (IOWA) 10-0

Luke Rasmussen (SDSU) dec. Ding (WYO) 4-2

Ding (WYO) dec. Gage Marty (IOWA) 6-0

Jonathan Chesser (CIT) fall (5:56) Ding (WYO)

Ding (WYO) dec. Ben Stemmet (CIT) 4-0


285 – Kevin Zimmer (UNAT) 

Jonathan Chesser (CIT) dec. Zimmer (UNAT-WYO) 4-3

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