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Wyoming Department of Health now offering COVID-19 Vaccines for those 65 and older

Those age 65 and older can now sign up to receive the COVID-19 vaccination through Lincoln County Public Health. The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) said the update was made so Wyoming is more in line with recently described national guidance. The sub group was previously for those age 70 and older. WDH is also offering an online pre-registration from which can be accessed at

Lincoln County Public Health says they are working in groups 1-4 of Phase 1b and are still vaccinating phase 1a members who are still signing up. Public Health will contact those who have signed up and who meet the priority group criteria. 

In addition, school teachers and staff for K-12 can begin contacting Star Valley Health to get on the list for a COVID vaccine, although it will still be some time before public health can begin working in the other subgroups. 

Weekly vaccination clinics are being held in both Afton and Kemmerer. Lincoln County Public Health reminds those that would like a vaccine that these clinics are appointment only and are generally held on Thursdays. Those on the list will typically be contacted on Monday or Tuesday to schedule an appointment. If the person being called doesn’t answer, public health says they will not leave a voicemail. Those that have signed up for a vaccine are encouraged to watch for the call, which comes from 307-885-4700 and usually comes up as Lincoln County Government.

While the Phase 1c priority group descriptions are now available, counties will likely not be vaccinating Phase 1c groups until later in the year due to limited vaccine supply. 

“Counties are vaccinating people in both Phase 1a and some Phase 1b groups right now, and working through the priority groups based on what is most appropriate for their counties,” said Stephanie Pyle, Public Health Division senior administrator with WDH. “We are working with counties to help ensure vaccines are administered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Unfortunately we don’t have enough doses to vaccinate everyone in these groups right away,” Pyle said. “We are asking for patience from our residents as we all wait for our turn to get the vaccine.” 

A full list of the Phases and groups can be found at