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Wyoming watershed numbers meet or exceed January averages

January 2018 precipitation totals across Wyoming were 90 to 100 percent of average. Precipitation numbers varied between 140 percent of normal over the Crow/Lodgepole Creek Drainage (extreme southeast Wyoming) to near 81 percent of average over the Wind River Watershed (west central Wyoming). Current water year (October 2017 – January 2018) precipitation across Wyoming is 90 to 100 percent of average.

Mountain snowpack across Wyoming remained at 105 to 115 percent of median by early February.  Snowpack “water” numbers and/or SWEs were the highest across basins in northwest to north central Wyoming—varying between 120 to 150 percent of median.  SWEs across basins in south central to southeastern Wyoming were 70 to 100 percent of median.

Despite the feeling of a less than average winter, watershed numbers in Wyoming are strong.

Near normal (95 to 105 percent) snowmelt streamflow volumes are expected across Wyoming during the upcoming snowmelt runoff season.  Above average (>120 percent) streamflow volumes are still forecasted across portions of the Wind, Bighorn, Shoshone, and Upper Yellowstone Watersheds.  The Tongue, Lower Green, Upper North Platte, and Little Snake Basins are still expected to have below to near normal streamflow volumes during the upcoming snowmelt runoff season.

Reservoirs storages across Wyoming remained above average at 115 to 125 percent for February.


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