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10th Circuit Court rules Wyoming has not ceded jurisdiction of Grand Teton National Park inholdings

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the state has not ceded jurisdiction of Grand Teton National Park inholdings hopefully to end a long debate on managing wildlife in certain boundaries.

Wyoming Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvick says the ruling only applies to wildlife, but inholdings are private lands that are within the external boundaries of the park. This includes ranches that also extend to the external boundaries.

“It’s been…discussed for gosh over a decade now, probably even before that,” Nesvick said. “About who really has the responsibility for handling conflict wildlife and has a management responsibility on those inholdings.”

He says the ruling didn’t provide any infringement on private property. Governor Mark Gordon appluaded the ruling for the state in a press release from the Game and Fish department.

“I am most gratified that the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals recognized that the State of Wyoming has not ceded its authority to the National Park Service regarding inholdings within Grand Teton National Park,” said Gordon. “This is a critical underpinning for wildlife management in this part of Wyoming and gives due recognition to joint management and the strong relationship we have with GTNP, which has always been important to Wyoming.”