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2020 LOTOJA is Saturday

◆ SV will see cylists traveling through the area throughout the day.

The 2020 LOTOJA bike race will take place on Saturday, September 12. The event will bring an estimated 1,250 cyclists and their support crews to the valley.

The race route begins in Logan, Utah and ends at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

“Motorists should anticipate groups of northbound cyclists on US-89 from Geneva to Alpine Junction,” said LoToJa Race Director Brent Chambers. “Cyclists should start appearing on the roadway’s northbound shoulder in Afton around 10:30 a.m. and will be present throughout the day.”

“However, groups are expected to be smaller and more spread out than in past years because of several Covid-19 Adaptations that have been implemented to mitigate the health risks of cyclists, support crews and communities,” Chambers added.

According to event organizers, cyclists will “enter Afton from the south on US-89 and proceed east on 5th Avenue and then north on Madison Street to a feed zone between Third and Fourth Avenues.”

A smaller, second feed zone will also be located at Star View Park. After the feed zones, cyclists will re-enter US-89 (Washington Street) from Third Avenue and continue north to Thayne, Alpine and Jackson.

Feed zones will also be located at elementary schools in Thayne and Etna. Two feed zones will be located in Alpine, the first at the intersection of US-89 and Grey’s River Road (at Bank of Alpine), and the second along US-89 immediately east of the US-89 and state Route 26 intersection.

Motorists could face road restrictions if they drive south early September 12 trying to reach Montpelier or Cache Valley, Chambers said.

“On that day the Idaho Transportation Department will temporarily close US-89 to eastbound vehicle traffic between Montpelier and the Wyoming state line from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.,” he said. “Traffic will be detoured south or north on US-30. Also that day, eastbound traffic on state Route 36 north of Preston between Riverdale and Ovid will be restricted from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.”

According to Chambers, the 2020 LOTOJA cyclists, their support crews, well-wishers, event staff and volunteers, represent an entourage of approximately 3,000 people. He expressed gratitude “to every community that LOTOJA has the privilege to ride through.”

“Without the support of every community along LoToJa’s course, we wouldn’t be able to hold the event with a premium on safety,” he said.

Started in 1983, LOTOJA winds across northeastern Utah, southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming. There are three mountain passes along the route with almost 10,000 vertical feet of climbing. Participants ride the entire course in one day.

The current men’s course record is 8:18:29 and the women’s is 9:35:00.

“Most LOTOJA finishers are on their bike 10 to 13 hours,” said Chambers. “LOTOJA is the longest one-day bicycle race in America that is sanctioned by USA Cycling, the sport’s governing body.”

LoToJa’s course and additional information about the race are available at