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Area reservoirs high for this time of year

This story courtesy of‘s Carrie Snider. It is used here with permission.

IDAHO FALLS — Water levels at area reservoirs are unseasonably high right now, which makes water experts and farmers quite pleased. But some residents are wondering if there is the possibility of flooding on the horizon.

However, water officials assured they are constantly monitoring area reservoirs so they can attempt to achieve the balance of having plenty of water for residents and farmers, while also making sure reservoirs don’t overflow.

To get an idea of where the water situation is now, and where things usually are this time of year, here are the average numbers from Idaho Water District 1:

The Palisades Reservoir is currently 95% full. Typically at this time of year it is 50% full.

Lyle Swank, water master for Idaho Water District 1, said the high levels are a direct result of the big snow pack last winter. Last year, the large snowpack resulted in significant flooding during the spring months.

Whether reservoirs continue to fill up this year will depend on how much snow falls this winter.
In the spring when the runoff starts, water officials will decide if groundwater recharge is a possibly. Recharge is a term used to describe when water is pumped out of a reservoir and put back into the water system. During drought years, the Snake River Plain Aquifer losses a significant amount of water, and so recharge efforts are always important. It’s also a good way to get rid of excess water in reservoirs.


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