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Morgan Blevins

4 Devastating Mining Disasters in Wyoming

CITATION: “© [Mulderphoto] / Adobe Stock” Since 1986, Wyoming has been the largest producer of coal in the United States, accounting for 40% of the country’s supply. The coal mining industry continues to play a role in the state’s economy….

Impressive Ghost Towns in Idaho and Wyoming

America’s ghost towns are remnants of a deep longing for prosperity and offer insight into the unfortunate realities of the 1800’s gold rush. These stoic, abandoned towns are much more than postcard backdrops. Peruse this list of the most impressive…

Nature Preserves in Idaho and Wyoming You Must Visit ASAP

Are you looking for your next great adventure? Why not head out west and visit the host of parks and trails available in this region of the United States. Each nature preservation is home to wonderful experiences where you’re sure…

3 Caves in Wyoming With Interesting Pasts

For many hikers, caves are a source of adventure and mystery. Knowing that you aren’t the first to venture into that cavern’s territory, you can’t help but wonder what happened there before you came along. As you track forward with…

Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport: Aliens Welcome

Of all the communities that roam this planet and others, there is one that has been viciously ignored… until now. The residents of Green River, Wyoming, have made it their singular mission to provide support for extraterrestrial homeless aliens. With…

5 Tips to Care for National Parks Across the United States

United States National Parks protect the indigenous animals, plants, and species found across the country’s landscape. Although National Park week begins on April 20th, it’s never too early to start honoring these special landmarks. Check out these tips to care…