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Best ATV Trail Parks in Wyoming You Have to Experience

Wyoming remains one of the most beautiful states in the country. The stunning mountains and natural formations also make for a great motor biking adventure. If you are not used to the picturesque land of Wyoming, going into the heart of it all on an ATV is one of the most fun ways to experience it. Even if you are new to off roading, there is skillset flexibility at these trails, so take a ride at the best ATV trail parks in Wyoming.

McCullough Peaks

Cody, WY

Take an adventure trip into McCullough Peaks, which is open year-round to the public. A ride in the Peaks offers amazing landscapes and scenery. The large land also has dessert grasses, rocky hills, and sage bushes throughout over 150 miles of trails. Another bonus is that there is no fee, though you will need a permit.

Bighorn National Forest

Sheridan, WY

Bighorn is in the middle of Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. The trails at Bighorn are surrounded by beautiful forests and water. The land also has a wonderful backdrop of the mountains and incredible rock formations.

Killpecker Sand Dunes

Rock Springs, WY

Off-roading doesn’t just have to happen in the mountains. The Killpecker Sand Dunes comprise approximately 109, 000 acres and are an awesome spot for motor biking. The terrain also has 11,000 acres of free-riding space with dunes that reach up to 100 feet—including the second-largest active sand dune in the world.

North Shadow Mountain

Jackson, WY

The North Shadow Mountain area is considered one of the best ATV trail parks in Wyoming because of the 11 miles of wood trails. There are also various open meadows, which offers a great view of the adjacent mountains. Just makes sure your ATV is less than 50 inches wide, or else it will not be permitted.